London’s historic Edwardian suburb

Woodside Square sits in the unspoilt heart of leafy Muswell Hill, a village-like community in North London. And, with its commanding views southward, Muswell Hill is one of the capital’s gems.

Sitting on one of the main routes in and out of London, there’s been a settlement in this area for centuries, but it remained largely rural until the turn of the last century. A brief but prolific period of development in the Edwardian era transformed Muswell Hill into a gentrified London suburb.

The resulting buildings followed the contemporary Arts and Crafts style, using high-quality materials and incorporating beautiful design details. The area has retained its period charm, and it remains one of London’s best locations for historical character. In fact, a large part of Muswell Hill is designated as a conservation area.


Inspired by heritage –
created for living

Woodside Square embraces the character of the historic and natural elements of this beautiful location while giving it vibrant new life as a modern, sustainable community.


High-quality, natural materials and attention to detail is the essence of the Arts and Crafts style, typical of Muswell Hill. And, in the meticulous restoration of the historic properties and the thoughtful creation of new homes, Woodside Square faithfully carries this spirit forward.


A Parkland location

Special to Woodside Square is its parkland setting, continuing the leafy character of Muswell Hill. Existing mature trees, grassed areas, paving and lighting will all go to create an inviting public realm. As well as providing picturesque surroundings, these green spaces make safe communal areas for social interaction, recreation, picnics and children’s play.


Reduction is space heating requirements

Perfectly orientated to take advantage of solar gain

High levels of insulation throughout

Perfectly orientated to take advantage of solar gain

Ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery

Perfectly orientated to take advantage of solar gain

Perfectly orientated to take advantage of solar gain

Perfectly orientated to take advantage of solar gain

Sustainable living

Sustainability is central to the vision of Woodside Square, and reducing energy usage is a prime objective. The fundamental design of the building and use of materials can play a big part. The ‘fabric first’ approach is being implemented by incorporating levels of insulation that beat Building Regulation standards. Electricity consumption in communal areas can be a big draw on power, and that’s why we‘re supplementing the supply from photovoltaic panels.

We explore ways to reduce CO2 emissions, an example of this is the installation of a highly efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit and communal gas boiler systems with new insulated pipework for heating and hot water.

Waste is the enemy of sustainability, but our site Waste Management Plan means that more than 85% of construction refuse will be diverted from landfill.

Encouraging wildlife is a responsibility we take very seriously. More than 50% of the landscaping around Woodside Square features native and wildlife friendly plants.

Well-maintained and well looked after

Wellbeing and comfort, for both young and old, is at the heart of the Woodside Square vision. All new homes are designed to Lifetime Homes standards and are adaptable to the immediate and changing needs of residents.

For everyday support, our on-site management team are devoted to caring for the quality of the environment, leaving residents to enjoy life without the hassle of home maintenance.

HBF 2018 - 5 Star Housebuilder HBF 2018 - 5 Star Housebuilder